About Us

Honigthal Fine Meads

The story of Honigthal Fine Meads began in 2012 when I was first introduced to the wonderful beverage that is mead. Already a big fan of local craft beer, I was fascinated by the limitless variety that is possible with craft mead. When a local mead maker offered a class in mead making, I jumped on the opportunity. In short order, I was making my own mead batches.

I quickly began to specialize in melomels, which are meads made with fruit additions. I began to study the techniques and methods of some of the finest mead makers in the country. The generosity of the mead maker community in offering advice and guidance was critical to my progress.

Eventually I wanted to make my meads gain a more professional appearance. I founded Honigthal Fine Meads. Honigthal means valley of honey in German. The ancient spelling of "thal" is a nod to the long history of making honey wines around the world.

The picture on the left, that you will also find on our bottles, was inspired by my beautiful southern California home. It depicts an orange orchard with an array of bee boxes placed for pollination.

Unfortunately you cannot buy Honigthal meads as I am not a licensed mead maker. But for my friends, this website is a way to find out about my mead making and to see what I have in inventory. I am always up for a bottle exchange!


Sascha "Alex" Ferda